A downloadable The Sticky Plan for Windows


The Sticky Plan will delight you with its odd characters.
Follow the"The big head's" plan to complete the game, you will not regret it.

Phase 1:
SPACE - Chew
W - Give gum

Phase 2:
Hold SPACE - Load gum
Release SPACE - Spit gum

Phase 3
A - Left
D - Right
W - Sprint

The game was entirely made by it's creator during the time set for this jam. No external assets have been used despite the pictures of the museum and DOTweenand Cinemachine from the Unity Package Manager.
Thank you so much for playing the game.



The Sticky Plan te hará disfrutar con sus extraños personajes.
Sigue el plan de "El cabezón" para completar el juego, no lo lamentarás.

Fase 1:
ESPACIO - Masticar
W - Dar chicle

Fase 2:
Hold ESPACIO - Cargar chicle
Soltar ESPACIO - Escupir chicle

Fase 3
A - Izquierda
D - Derecha
W - Acelerar

El juego fue creado en su totalidad por sus creadores durante el tiempo establecido para esta jam. No se han utilizado assets externos a pesar de las imágenes del museo y DOTween y Cinemachine del Unity Package Manager.
Muchas gracias por jugar.


TheStickyPlanx86_64.zip 57 MB


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Overall this is a very cool game! I love the art, mood, and especially the character design: the theming made for a very fun experience!

To give some feedback, on the last phase I didn't realize you could 'run' pressing W almost until the end, which made me progress slower through the level, ultimately making the music run out of time and leave me in silence for the last few seconds. 0 bugs though, the only thing I would fix is to make the song loop!

Great work, YellowfallGames!

Thank you so much for the feedback. 
There was a mistake with the version we uploaded so it hasn't got the controls on the last phase of the plan, sorry for that. We will also pay more attention to the difficulty curve in further iterations!

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I can't express how much I love the style of this game! Art, music, and atmosphere were all perfect! I like the idea of the gameplay, reminded me of WarioWare games. Only gripe I had was the difficulty. I failed on the running section multiple times. The guys that ran at you felt kind of unfair since it seemed like they would hit you even if you were past them and generally the hitboxes were unforgiving. To add to this, having the player restart from the very beginning without any checkpoints is very punishing. I honestly really wanted to see the end of the game lol.


Hello Dummy Dojo, thank you for playing the game and for the comment :). It means a lot for the team!!!

We'll take your feedback into account for future releases. It's really helpful, thank you again ^^.