#GGJAM - Day 3

Hello! He're we are again.

The second day has been the "ISSUES DAY". This is our first isometric game and we have found some trouble with scale and the size of the tile assets. One of the main problems is that we wanted to create something less "blocky" for the level design, so we could manage to create glass structures without making the classic cubes.  We managed to create 1x2 structures but, for bigger assets like walls we still need a better solution. What we have found so far is to use the same size for every asset, including bigger ones (more than x1 isometric block) would eventyally fit the grid by setting the PPU(pixels per unit) in the Unity editor. Source

There's also an issue with the perfect isometric perspective. If you use isometric perspective, tiling blocks will not overlap when you add height to your creations, so to fix that we should be using a dimetric perspective, which adds a little bit of height to the top so the overlap happens giving sense of depth.

Resultado de imagen de diumetric perspective videogames


We build the levels and transitions between them. The doors are implemented with a key trigger to open them.

We've also added the moving and idle animations for the main character to test the different directions on the map.

The chambers change on each iteration of the level loop. We've created a set of isometric assets to add more depth to the level design.

This is it for today. We hope you like it!
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